Residential Landscaping services

Landscape Anaheim has a range of services designed for our residential clients as the need to improve our environment remains a human desire that ought to be satisfied. We design, install, and maintain all aspects of outdoor living. Over the years we have built on our successes but also continue to improve our processes, all geared towards customer satisfaction. Do you need to improve the aesthetic, functionality, and value of your residential property? We are the one-stop-shop to guarantee the success of this desire. At Landscaping Anaheim, we believe that our residential landscaping service clients deserve a company that provides great designs, with both short term aesthetic value in mind and long term ease of maintenance outlook. As professionals, we blend form and function as we work with clients in determining both short and long term goals.

Without a doubt, you are unique and so are your aspirations regarding your property. You create the picture, we bring it to reality, you dream, we execute. Working towards achieving your dream home, we strive for perfection, as our results are a direct expression of our standards.  

The customer is our number one priority, we recognize that there are competing demands for his resources. Without compromising on quality, we pride ourselves as the affordable landscaping service provider in Anaheim. Not exceeding the client budget, we arrange a very affordable, yet professional residential landscaping service, with the customer always at the center of our activities and decisions. 

You deserve the best, this is our desire. Let us thrill you with breathtaking designs, executed with attention to the minutest details, all within your budget.

Our residential landscaping service include:

Lawn care and maintenance:

The long term health and beauty of your lawn is one of our concerns, we offer an array of processes such as Hollow Tine Aeration & Scarification that sustains your lawn, keeping it lush, green and above all, healthy. Our team of professionals will painstakingly scarify, aerate, re-seed, and top-dress your lawn.

Mowing and trimming services:

 Mowing isn’t just about pushing a lawnmower, its an act requiring skills and technical know-how. At landscape Anaheim, we ensure that your lawn is mower as at when due, following a regular schedule as agreed. This service often includes the trimming of bushes and trees around your house for that comfortable and serene look you’ve always hoped for. 

Design, installation, and monitoring of irrigation systems: 

To keep our greenery healthy during certain seasons, regular watering may be required. Depending on your soil characteristics and weather trends, we can design and implement an automated irrigation system that suits your needs.


Mulching protects your plants and lawn from insects, moles, and other animals that make lumps and tunnels as well as controls weeds, prevent erosion, and helps in soil water retention. Our mulching service is very important in maintaining a beautiful field and garden, extending the lifespan of your lawn while adding to the aesthetics of your property