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 Landscaping has been practiced for centuries, as far back as the ancient Mayans. Humans are known for their love of beauty and have been manipulating the land for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Do you want your surroundings beautified? Are you in the lookout for ecstatic surroundings, beautifully designed vegetation, changes to your existing terrain, and the construction of structures? You certainly need Landscaping Anaheim Ca. We plan, laying out, and construct gardens that enhance the appearance and create usable space for outdoor activities around homes. As professionals, we are dedicated to the design process, implementation, and maintenance of the land surrounding property. Our creative prowess includes elements of architecture, gardening, and exterior design. We believe that you are in need of people who show creativity in their work by manipulating a natural space into a unique environment that is functional and fits your taste as the homeowner. 

You may have noticed that some gardens have an organized look while others, though having the finest plant collection, look haphazard. The basic reason for this is often because the owner or the landscape designer has not planned the longer term of the garden properly. It requires a working knowledge of artistic design and horticulture therein specific location under the restrictions and allowances of the climate and terrain therefore the property can have that artistic look.

By employing a good landscaper, you increase the value of your property, have cleaner air, a beautiful environment with controlled temperature, as well as improved privacy.

This goes to say that you need a design expert, the right professional who is knowledgeable, skilled, and eager to collaborate all these into your home.

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Landscaping Anaheim provides a full range of landscaping services to commercial and residential customers in orange county Ca. and its environs. Our team of professionals strives to deliver exceptional service that will exceed our customers’ expectations. Our list of services is not limited to the following seen here.

Residential Landscaping Services

In your quest to improve your environment, the choice of a great company that has within its booty, design services, installation services, as well as maintenance for all aspects of outdoor living, with ample years of experience is of the essence. The inadequacy of any one of these can jeopardize your investment and may even result in an unsuccessful project. At Landscaping Anaheim, we believe that our residential landscaping service clients deserve a team that designs, with both short term aesthetic value in mind and long term ease of maintenance outlook, resulting in a landscape that grows into itself, rather than competing with itself, or should I say….you! As professionals, we blend form and function as we work with clients in determining both short and long term goals.

We work within the client budget as we perform our affordable, yet professional residential landscaping service, adopting a unique customer-centered plan, meeting their needs, and addressing all their concerns. We recognize that every home, as well as landscape, is unique, and so are the varying dreams every property owner has regarding their property. At execution, we see through the clients’ eyes, striving to achieve a common front, as we know that our results are a direct expression of our standards. Our clients deserve the best, you deserve the best; our performance in the field illustrates this desire.

Our residential landscaping service includes Lawn care and maintenance; Mowing and trimming services; Design, installation, and monitoring of irrigation systems as well as Designing landscapes or garden spaces. We also do Fertilization and spraying; Tree and shrub pruning; Mulching; Maintaining or changing seasonal colors; Installing hardscapes; Restoring or remodeling landscapes plus the Installation of retaining walls

Commercial Landscape Maintenance 

Commercial Landscape Maintenance is a package of services we offer to decently maintain the exterior grounds on a commercial property. Do you own or manage an apartment community, what of an urgent care facility, or an office building, a hospital, a school, a retail outlet, or other such property? If your response is in the affirmative, then you may have space that needs to have a professional touch. Our services range from basic mowing, trimming, and weeding. We also do a full-scale turf project. Ornamental care and seasonal color installation are also part of our offerings. Recognizing the uniqueness of each property, we offer services and contracts to address varying needs and concerns.

Our commercial landscape maintenance services include apartment community service, grounds management, enhancements, seasonal flower color and rotations, mowing, spring clean-up, pest management, weed control, and fertilization. We also undertake plant bed definition, mulch applications, turf care services, installation, maintenance and repair of commercial irrigation, conceptual design and development of master plans, arbor care and tree removal, commercial snow removal, holiday decor and a host of other services

Irrigation and Lighting 

A unique improvement to your landscape is, of course adding irrigation and lighting. This service is available for both commercial and residential clients. Landscape lighting is a priceless asset for every property. This improves environmental safety while amplifying the level of comfort and security at sundown. Outdoor lighting brings out some of the most attractive landscape features while providing the much-needed illumination for you and your guests in the night when traversing your property. During the warm weather, landscape lighting installation becomes an even greater attraction as one can spend more time outdoors for backyard barbecues or swimming. 

Installation of an irrigation system which is the injection of controlled quantities of water at regular intervals ensures that your green grass remains green and also helps in controlling the temperature in the warm reasons. Often done through underground sprinklers, it is crucial that your greenery receives the right amount of water and at the right time. Our irrigation systems are usually supported with a well-thought-out drainage system to prevent possible waterlogging or damage to the property’s foundation.

Our lighting services include the installation of Security Lights to prevent burglary and add comfort yo your life. We also illuminate your driveway and walkway to increase the usability of your space late into the night. In keeping with our desire to reduce costs for our clients, we often use energy conservation options by replacing your existing lights with LED alternatives.

In irrigating your landscape, we install very efficient water sprinklers. We also do Winterization as well as drainage design and implementation.

landscape design 

It all starts with a great design, thoughtfully crafted; recreating your dreams into reality. In designing your space, we focus on both the integrated master landscape plan of your property and the specific garden design, carefully projecting the landscape elements and plants within it. The practicable, artistic, horticultural, functional, and environmental sustainability are all incorporated into our designs. At Landscaping Anaheim, our designs reflect both short term aesthetic value and long term ease of maintenance outlook, resulting in an oasis of sorts. Yes, we design, but we also execute. We blend form and function to achieve both short and long term goals.

We could design your retaining walls, walkways, and Patios. We can also design your gardens, Patio Covers, Pergolas, and Fire-pits.

Welcome We are a professional landscaping company in Anaheim, California with many years of experience. Due to our expertise and quality of service over the years, our company has established itself at the upper echelon of great Landscape companies in Ca, offering a variety of services to numerous clients including residential landscaping services, commercial landscape maintenance, irrigation and lighting, and landscape design. Landscaping Anaheim transforms the available space in your home area in a phenomenal way. Just by using the natures’ gift and creativity to make astonishing features, we modify the house site to an awesome home for you and your family.

We have experience designing all kinds of custom landscaping projects that include anything from clean and straightforward raised flower beds that border your home, to more complicated projects that include retention walls, pergolas, water fountains, and paved patios. In all these, we leave our customers very satisfied.

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